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We would like to share with you some of our plans for 2013. FMG will continue to make significant investments over the next few months and we would like to tell you in advance about them.

Over the past six months we have been very busy looking at new equipment and processes to help make us ALL more efficient. Continuing on our commitment to offer our customers access to the latest available technology and after extensive research, I am delighted to announce that we are embarking on the largest ever investment taken by FMG, which is in excess of £3M.


                                       Livingston Precision Engineering

Salvagnini P4Xe Bending Cell

LPE are the first sub contractor in Scotland to purchase a Salvagnine bending cell. This cell will produce a wide range of folded parts up to 3mm thick and 2.18M long from a single tooling set up. The reduced set up times combined with minimum handling times and the speed of operation makes sure we achieve maximum throughput. You can watch the video of the P4Xe, where you will see 4 different parts being run in less than four minutes, all from the same set up.

Fiber Laser Welding Cell

LPE have ordered a robotic twin positioner, 3KW fiber laser welding cell, which is being designed and built to our specifications. This machine will bring the latest available welding technology to all our customers, offering welding solutions beyond what has ever been previously available

This cell will produce a high quality weld whilst reducing the need for any additional dressing and minimising potential distortion. The cell will be driven by a 6 axis ABB Robot and 2 ABB 2 axis postioners, powered by an IPG 3KW Fibre laser.


Amada Fiber Laser

To complement the above 2 machines  LPE have also purchased an Amada Fiber laser cutting machine which can cut materials at up to 50m/minute and is capable of cutting copper, brass, titanium and other material that were previously  unable to be cut by CO2 lasers. This machine will be supported with its own material load /unload system, leading to lights out production. Again the following links will give you an insight into the new machine.  our machine will have the high speed shuttle table and the compact loading/unloading system.



                                                 Deans Engineering Limited

Have just taken delivery, of a new Mori-Seiki twin spindle CNC lathe, complete with 12 inch chucks, with C + Y axis and live tooling on both heads. This further enhances Dean’s capability and capacity, and complements the five axis machining centre which was delivered in the last quarter.



A new Helium leak detector has also just been delivered, allowing us to enhance the leak checking of our welded assemblies to cryogenic standards.

Deans are also putting a further new high sided van on the road at the start of March. This will add more flexibility and capacity to our fleet of vehicles.


                            Flexible Surface Technology

A new purpose built automatic paint line is being installed to give customers the advantage of the latest available painting technology, improving throughput and quality, beyond the levels that can be presently achieved.                                                 

Beyond each of the investments in plant, we are also updating all our computer system throughout the group. In parallel we will also be adding people to increase the level of service to our customers.

I hope that as you are able to visit the group over the next 3 to 6 months you will see all of the new equipment working.  Giving us the opportunity to work with you now will ensure that we collectively gain the maximum advantage from the new investments. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me directly. 2013 is sure to be a challenge for us all, but we are convinced by working together we can make it a successful year for our respective businesses.




Yours Sincerely                        Jim Jamieson – CEO – – 07808 938468

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